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Thank you very much for your correction. I need to know which prepositions are possible after certain adjectives of emotions. I hope you can help me.

1)disgusted at/by/with (I need to provide examples).
I was disgusted at/about/ by (?) the news of the Prime Minister's love affairs.
2) depressed about/at/by (are they interchangeable?) She got depressed abt her exam result/ at the thought of having failed her test.
3) All the students are enthusiastic about the project.
4) All the students ae delighted, pleased, satisfied, disappointed with their exam result.
5) They feel unhappy, miserable for (or about) their exam result.
6) They are confident
7) I was confident about the future/my abilities.

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    Here are my preferences, based on most commonly used combinations:

    1. by

    2. about

    3. OK

    4. delighted by, pleased by or with, satisfied with, disappointed with or in

    5. about

    6. ??

    7. OK

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