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A classic experiment in equilibrium studies dating from 1862 involved the reaction in solution of ethanol and acetic acid to produce ethyl acetate and water.

The reaction can be followed by analyzing the equilibrium mixture for its acetic acid content.

In one experiment, a mixture of 1.000 acetic acid and 0.5000 ethanol is brought to equilibrium. A sample containing exactly one-hundredth of the equilibrium mixture requires 28.80 0.1040 for its titration.

Calculate the equilibrium constant for the ethanol-acetic acid reaction based on this experiment.

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    See your post above this one.

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    I would like to know the answer to this question too

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    The equilibrium constant is 4.0. Do not know how to get that, just got it from the answer key. Thought giving this would be better than nothing.

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