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what are the steps to solve for x


  • calculus -

    2 x^2 - 1/x^2 = 0 ???

    2 x^4 = 1
    x^4 = 1/2

    x^2 = (1/2)^.5 or -(1/2)^.5

    x = (1/2)^.25 or -(1/2)^.25 or i(1/2)^.25 or -i(1/2)^.25

  • calculus -

    thank you.i am trying to sove for critical numbers. the book is giving me an answer of

    x=+square root 2/2

  • calculus -

    I am wondering if the problem then is this:


    x= +- sqrt (1/2)

    but of course, multiplying that by sqrt(2/2) one gets
    x= +- sqrt (2/4)= +- .5 sqrt 2

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