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Algebra 2

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Subtract. Simplify by removing a factor of 1 when possible.

(9p^b)/p^2-b^2 - p-b/p+b.

Thank you. These problems, I don't understand at all. I'm sorry.

  • Algebra 2-parentheses -

    The way the expression is typed is probably different from the book for lack of parentheses. When it is type-set, parentheses are not required on the numerator and denominator. When interpreted on one single line, they are required, or else a completely different expression results.

    Also, I think 9p^b at the beginning should read 9p^2 (just a guess).

    Please check what I assume is the correct interpretation.

    (9p^2)/(p^2-b^2) - (p-b)/(p+b)
    =(9p^2)/((p+b)(p-b)) - (p-b)²/((p+b)(p-b))

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