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These are a few sentences on the Augustan Age I'd like you to check. I'm unsure about punctuation and word choice.

1. The 18th century England was called Augustan after the period of Roman history which had achieved political stability and power as well as a flourishing of the arts.
2.It was a materialistic society, pragmatic and responsive to economic pressure. Its political institutions were hierarchical, hereditary and privileged.
3.Elections were controlled by the local landowners, since voting was not secret.
4) Politicians were concerned with bribing the electorate either with money or with the promise of jobs. The state was to protect legal rights but was not to interfere in private property.

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    Often, if you read the sentence aloud, you know when you need a comma to pause for breath.

    1. The 18th century England was called Augustan, after......power, as well as


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