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why are gay guys given less of a chance then strate guys in a goverment court.

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    I don't know that that statement is true. What is your evidence?

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    over time there has ben recorded evadence that gay guys are more likly to be fasly accused then strate guys....... cbsnews. com/stories/2010/12/06/politics/washingtonpost/main7121875.shtml

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    Thanks for the evidence.

    My guess is that prejudice against gays has led to some false accusations.

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    so would you aggre that this is a valid argument that i can present?

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    This article talks only about gay and lesbian teens being more likely to be punished by schools and courts. And girls seem to be targeted more than boys.

    (Broken Link Removed)

    If you quote it accurately, you should be able to use this article.

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    thank you for the help

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    You're welcome.

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