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1.The Soviet program of creating cotton fields in central Asia had disastrous consequences for:
a. the Caspian Sea
b. the Aral Sea
c. Lake Baikal
d. the Black Sea
answer: B

2.What occurred after the fall of the Ottoman Empire?
a.The Seljuk Turks conquered almost all of Southwest Asia.
b. The followers of Muhammad invaded Mesopotamia, Palestine, and Persia.
c. Islam successfully governed the people in Southwest Asia as one political region for 150 years.
d. Southwest Asia was divided into several countries and political entities.
answer: A
can someone check these?

  • Check: Geography -

    Your first answer is right.

    Your second answer is wrong. The Ottoman Empire fell in 1923, after it was defeated in World War I. What happened then?

  • Check: Geography -

    is it d?

  • Check: Geography -

    Yes. The second answer is d.

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