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Future story Part 2

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Life is so perfect, my hard work and effort has brought me to the occupation I had dreamed of becoming. My desire was to become a Pharmacist, and only post secondary education has brought me to this stage. If it wasn’t for post secondary education, I would have never been able to gain the skills and knowledge I would have needed for this career. It all started out with high school, my good grades made me pass all those classes, and I graduated with a high school diploma in my hand. My credits came in as a handy tool and I was able to enter university with those credits. And university proved to be an achievement for me as I am what I had planned to be. A few years back I got employed at a drugstore, and this all came to be because of my high level of education. The experience of university was well worth it.

  • Future story Part 2-Ms. Sue -

    Ms. Sue this is what I had done yesterday.... something like this:

    A day of my life with post secondary education.......

    Everything seems so perfect; I have been able to reach a very high stage in my life. By keeping myself attached to my work, my learning outcomes have proved to be a victory. I got good grades in school and have been able to successfully graduate with a high school diploma in my hand. I remember my first steps in university; post secondary education allowed me to gain knowledge which helped me to deal with life experiences as well as the obstacles life brings my way. It put me in a social environment and gave me the chance to meet new and interesting people and allowed me to go through experiences that helped me gain the independence I needed to handle tough situations. It opened a door for me where I could choose from a variety of choices. My passion was to become a Pharmacist, and by receiving this post secondary education, I gained the skills and knowledge to step into this occupation. I am what I had hoped to become. My occupation as a Pharmacist has settled. My earning potential is very high, and I have started saving this money into my RRSP. I share the same qualities as I did before, when I worked at a grocery store. My attitude is positive towards everything, and I enjoy my job.

  • Future story Part 2 -

    Or something like this, not really finished this one yet, but do you want me to describe the experience of my job at the drugstore--Pharmacist life?

    Day of my life with post secondary education.....

    My dreams have fulfilled, and my career is a success. I had only one desire, and that was to become a Pharmacist, and with the experience of post secondary education, I have been able to gain the skills and knowledge I had needed for this occupation. I work at a drugstore and I dispense drugs and medicines prescribedby physicians and health practioners. I learned about medical knowledge at univeristy, and Im able to inform my customers about the purpose, hazards, and side effects of the drugs I dispense. ......

  • Future story Part 2 -

    They're all good. Now, combine the best of all three paragraphs into one solid paragraph. :-)

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