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Can you please check if these sentences are correct? Thank you.

1) The witches are unable to distinguish between opposites. For them fair is foul and foul is fair.
2)They are able to predict the future and are generally associated with the devil.
3) First, they prophesy (to Macbeth) that he will become Thane of Cowdor and king of Scotland. After Macbeth had killed Banquo, the witches tell him that he will be safe as long as Birnham Wood doesn't move to Dunsinane Castle.
4) They also prophesy (not predict) to him that no man born of (a) woman will ever hurt him.
5) Both prophecies become true since Macduff's army use the branches of the trees of Birnham Wood as camouflage to cover their advance towards Dunsinane Castle.
6) Furthermore, Macduff wasn't born by a woman since he was delivered by Caasarean section.

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    Pick 4 or 5 at most that you really question, please.

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