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The ratio of the distances a 7-iron and a 5-iron will drive a golf ball is 5 to 6. If a golfer averages 153 yards with a 7-iron how far should he average with a 5-iron Express your answer as an integer or mixed number.


The appliance store where the Scott family shops offers a 7% discount for paying cash. The Scott family received a discount of $42. What was their total bill before the discount


Sales of frozen pizza for a club fund-raiser increased from 500 one year to 575 the next year. What was the percent of increase?


For the restaurant bill, estimate the tip. Then find the exact amount of the tip. State your answers to the nearest hundredth.

The restaurant bill is $85.83. Give the estimate of a 15% tip and the exact amount of a 15% tip.
12.90 for estimate and 12.87 for exact

please check my answers

  • MATH -

    all correct except the pizza increase

    increase from 500 to 575 = 75
    so percentage increase = 5/500 = .15 or 15%

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