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physics, error calculation repost

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I need to derive an error equation for Bohr's model to use in my physics lab this week. I am really bad at calculus, so if anyone can help me that would be really great.

the equation is


I've never had to derive anything like this before. Even if someone could tell me HOW to do it, I'll be happy to do it myself.


  • physics, error calculation repost -

    error in what? I am uncertain of what your goal is.

  • physics, error calculation repost -

    Hi Bob, I have to derive the error in the wavelength. I only know how to derive error equations from multiplication or addition/subtraction.

    For example, if I needed to derive an arror equation for N=MT it would be deltaN=(deltaM+deltaT)N

    So how do I do it for a division question?

  • physics, error calculation repost -

    sorry, edit, that would be (deltaM/M + deltaT/T)N

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