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If glenda rolled two six-sided number cubes nine times and computed the sum of the numbers rolled each time. If the mean sum of Glenda's rolls was 6 what was the total of the nine sums Glenda rolled?
Suppose Glenda's rolls were 12,7,3,10,9, 2, 11, 7 and 8. What is the median of Glenda rolls?
What is the mean of Glenda's rolls?
What is the mode? Which would be the best indicator of a typical roll Glenda made, the mean, the median, or the mode?

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    Mean = total/number of times
    total=mean*number of times

    12,7,3,10,9, 2, 11, 7 and 8.
    in ascending order
    2 3 7 7 (8) 9 10 11 12
    The median is the number which has the same number of numbers higher as lower. In this case, 8 is the middle number, or the median.

    In this case, the distribution is quite even, there is not much difference between the three choices. I prefer the mean, since people tend to calculate the average.

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    The median is 83

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