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The Concentration of Cu2+ ions in the water (which also contains sulfate ions) discharged from a certain industrial plant is determined by adding excess sodium sulfide(Na2S) solution to .800 L of the water. Molecular Equation:

Na2S(aq) CuSO4(aq) --> Na2SO4(aq) + CuS(s)

Write the net ionic equation and calculate the molar concentration of Cu2+ in the water sample if .0177g of solid CuS is formed.

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    S^2- + Cu^2+ = CuS(s)
    .0177g CuS / molar mass CuS= Moles of CuS
    Moles of CuS= Moles of Cu
    Moles Cu/ Initial volume= Molarity of Cu

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    Looks Ok to me. remember to include the leading zero with values, so 0.800 L because this looked like 800 L.

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