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I really need help with this trigonometry question.please any help is appreciated.

1.I have to draw the graph of y=cos x from 0deg to 360deg.
2.Be sure to show a table of vales similar to the this table.

colum X l colum :y=sinx
0 l 0.00
pi/10 l 0.31
pi/5 l 0.59
3pi/10 l 0.81
2pi/5 l 0.95
pi/2 l 1.00

and it kept going until it reached Pi then the value became negitive and it stopped 2pi.

okay so this mean the x colum doesnt change .right?
but i have to find y=cosx?

  1. jai

    values in x column will change, as well as the values in y column, but you will see a pattern --- you would observe that the pattern repeats every pi interval,,
    remember that you'll graph this in rectangular (Cartesian) coordinate plane, not in polar coordinates,, to get the values of y, you can just type in the expression in a calculator~

    hope this helps~ :)

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