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Thank you so much drwls ...
please, Do you mean is also possible to choose tin-coated steel for (Beverage cans)?
Because it is required to choose more than one metal and compare them in terms of cost, attributes and manufacturing process, and then chose the most appropriate.

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    The best way to answer this type of problem is in a table form. So have the metal down the LHS and attribute across. So attributes might be corrosion resistance, cost, manufacturing process as you suggest. You might also have 'ease of recycling', ease of printing ('tin' cans usually have a paper label whereas aluminium drinks cans are usually printed directly onto the can).

    You might want to expand your choice of metals to say titanium, copper and an old fashioned material like pewter so that you have some comparisons.

    To get over corrosion problems some drinks cans are plastic coated. I.e. the sandwich of metals used to make the can has a plastic layer which ends up on the inside of the can.

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