English Intolerance task:

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Hey guys once again.

I have trouble between choosing the Johnny Rebel song of "Nigger Hatin Me"
OR "Kajun Ku Klux Klan"

which one and why? (note: ill need to have some points on how intolerance is demostrated throughout the song lyrics like what types of language features are used etc)

Thanks xox

  • English Intolerance task: -

    Rephrased Question:

    There are many songs of Johnny Rebel and all of them display various forms of concepts. I'm unsure of which one to pick.

    Note: Just the one that demonstrates the numerous forms of intolerance using language feature eg rhyme, repitition, similes, metaphors etc. because I'll need to write an essay about it.

  • English Intolerance task: -


    This one looks like the better of those I read. Good similes and metaphors and of course, rhyme.

  • English Intolerance task: -

    Thank you!

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