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A lead atom has a mass of 3.40×10−22 g. How many lead atoms are in a cube of lead that has a volume of 1.40 cm^3 if the density of lead is 11.3 g/cm^3?

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    Is the mass of the lead 3.4 x 10^(-22)
    or literally 3.4 x 10 - 22 or just 22g?

    The problem has given you volume and density.
    D = mass/ volume
    You're trying to find mass, so your equation's going to be m= dv
    m= 15. 82 g
    Divide this by whatever your mass was, either 3.4 x 10^(-22)
    or 3.4 x 10 - 22 or just 22g.
    That number will be the number of lead atoms in the cube.

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    4.6 x 10^-22

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