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Two identical gliders slide toward each other on an air track. One moves at 1m/s and the other at 2m/s. they collide and stick. the combined mass moves at
A. 1.5m/s
B. 1/3m/s
C. 1/6m/s
D. 3/4m/s
E. 1/2m/s
which of this options is the right answer?

  • Physics-10 -

    The option that preserves total momentum is the correct one.
    Note that the final mass is 2M, and that the initial individual momenta have opposite signs.

    (2m/s)*M -(1m/s)*M = 2M*Vfinal

    Solve for Vfinal

  • Physics-10 -

    could you help me and solve it please. I tried to solve it but I couldn't get the right answer.

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