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1.278 mL of water at 10°C was placed in a 3.0 L container that was sealed and evacuated. Then, 3440 J of heat was added to the water. Determine the pressure inside the container after heating. (Assume all of the heat goes into the water.)

d (H2O(s)) 1.00 g/cm3
Csp(H2O(s)) 2.08 J/g•°C
Csp(H2O(l)) 4.184J/g•°C
Csp(H2O(g)) 2.01 J/g•°C
Delta Hfus 6.01 kJ/mol
Delta Hvap 40.7 kJ/mol
melting pt 273 K (760 mm Hg)
boiling pt 373 K (760 mm Hg)


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