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Ive done one on one of the prescription drugs, and I also want to do a complaint against the 5 hour Energy drinks because it isnt really healthy. The healthy choice is to get enough sleep, eat well, and do some exercise such as aerobics.

I need to know who the advertiser of
5-Hour Energy: Mr. "Do You Know What 2:30 Feels Like?" - I cant find the advertiser of this ad???

The product which is being advertised is the 5 Hour energy drink.

Ive seen this ad on the net.

Ive heard of the 5-Hour Energy drinks a lot, and how they aren't considered to be that healthy, and so Ive searched the net about this, and many ads came up.

Description of advertisement:

There is a man which goes around people saying how they get lazy at 2:30 in the afternoon, but how all that can change if you take the 5 Hour energy drink.

My complaint is that there are many other ways to boost up your level of health than take this energy drink, excerise is one of far best choices. Once you take the energy drink, it becomes so addicting, that you constantly have to take it, and its not a naturally made drink, its made from chemicals which are not that healthy for your system.

Is this ok? Also I need to know who the advertiser of this ad is.

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    The manufacturer is Living Essentials in Farmington Hills, MI.

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    Thanks, are my other answers good?

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    Yes. I agree with you.

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    I forgot one more thing...does it violate any canadian code of advertising standards? I was thinking maybe the accuracy and clarity...but not sure.

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    If it's advertised in Canada, it probably doesn't violate any laws or standards. However, legally pinning down such an ad is tricky and may not technically violate any standards.

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