Spanish-7th grade-Please help

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I'm not sure what this is asking or how to answer it- ¿Qué prefiere llevar tu mamá?

Is it asking what I prefer to take my mom? And how do I answer it? I'm really confused on the transalation
Please give advice

  • Spanish-7th grade-Please help -

    llevar can have many meanings, depending upon context, or exactly how it is used.
    Here are the meanings:
    to carry, to lead, to take, to carry away, to get, obtain, to wear

    If you have been working on clothing vocabulary, I'd suspect it means:
    What does your Mother prefer to wear?

    Mi mamá prefiere llevar........(fill in with any noun)


  • Spanish-7th grade-Please check my answer that I typed in -

    Mi mamá prefiere llevar una camiseta y jeans.

    Is this correct?Thank you

  • Spanish-7th grade-Please help -

    Claro! = yes, indeed!


  • Spanish-7th grade-Please help -

    Thank you

  • Spanish-7th grade-Please help -

    a ellos llevan a la biblioteca

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