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A man has a dog, cat, and mouse on one side of the river. He needs to get all of the animals over to the other side of the river. He can only take one animal at a time. If he leaves the cat alone with the mouse the cat will eat the mouse. If the dog is alone with the cat the dog will eath the cat. Devise a strategy to get all three animals across, one at a time, without any of them perishing.

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    Cat first, come back, take dog and bring back cat. Take mouse, come back and take cat.

  • Behavioral Science -

    You know I stumbled onto that answer yesterday, but I had to fiddle with the program so it would let me do it. Thank you for your answer. It took me days to figure that out. Before my brain surgeries it would have taken me at most 1/2 hour. Che!

    I was in the hospital yesterday so I was only online for a little while and forgot to check for an answer.

    Thanks again.

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