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1) I have to give out an example of how dogs have evolved, but I don't know any.

2) How has Dr. Francine Patterson's research helped the plight of all animals?

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    1. Dogs were domesticated by early peoples who began an agrarian/horticulture/agriculture lifestyle. Wild dogs were selected and bred for traits like tameness and manner over animals like wolves and foxes. Today, dogs have evolved cognitively and make great pets because they were selected thousands of years ago for those characteristics, whereas wolves and foxes have not.

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    I don't think that I can come up with an answer to number 2 after reading the Wikipedia article.

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    Think about what she's done with Koko and the books she's written. Hasn't her work helped other animal caretakers and researchers understand other animals better?

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    I think that she was an influential person for all animal caretakers and researchers and did an amazing job taking care of Koko. Is this the best answer?

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