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I don't seem to understand this question can you please paraphrase this.

Task Outline: Outline the purpose of ONE health promotion initiative related to road safety, assess the effectiveness of this initiative and justify funding for road safety initiatives.

Task Description: The NSW Government is looking at cutting the funding for road safety health promotion intitiatives in NSW as they feel they no longer have a positive impact on an individual's health. You have been employed by Premier Kristina Keneally to prepare a written report assessing the effectiveness of ONE of the following road safety health promotion initiatives: 'No one thinks big of you - Pinky Initiative' OR 'Heaven and Hell - Country Speeding Initiative'. Mrs Keneally will then make a final decision on funding after she reads your report.

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    " ... ONE of the following road safety health promotion initiatives: [1] 'No one thinks big of you - Pinky Initiative' OR [2] 'Heaven and Hell - Country Speeding Initiative'."

    Choose one of the above and explain why it is or is not an effective advertising campaign.

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    Jeeze it sounds just like the assignment I got the other day.

    Pick either one of the road saftey ads and do the following:

    1. Write what the purpose of the road saftey ad.
    2. Write down how it is effective.
    3. Say why funding should or should not be cut by the Government based on what you've already written.

    Put all those things together and you've got your report!

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    Wait a second...do you go to CCC?

    Coz i just got the same assignment.

    Plus you wrote twice, doesnt make sense...

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  • Yr 10 PE -

    999babe999- its a different Emily than the one that asked the question.

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    Btw 'Teacher' do you happen to know anyone named Mackenzie Farmer in year 10? Because she told me about this website and that it was alright to use. And what have I done wrong, I wrote out exacly what was on the sheet, just in a simpiler form?

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