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HEY guys! I need to majorly cut down on this piece of writing as i've only got 15 mins to write my piece of journal entry so I need EXTRA help and FAST!! :-(

Imagine you are a 12 year old boy from Afghanistan wo is newly arrived in Australia. Write a diary entry outlining your experiences on your first day at school. Include 5 words from the spelling list.

Spelling List: campaign, exceeded, universally, diversity, regional, origin, economic, globalization, generosity, fundamental, unfortunate, concept, implication, emergence, optimism

I woke up to the sound of the blaring alarm clock, flashing its red digits into my eyes. As much as I didn't want to disturb my sleep, I was rather eager and curious as to how Monarch Prep, one of the most prestigious, single-sex school in regional Gold Coast.

I've been in Australia for two weeks on a three month exchange-student program and today was my first day. For the two weeks before that, I have been trying to adjust myself to the new sleep routine and have been on vacation to experience the famous sun, surf and sea Gold Coast is known for.

I go and take a shower to freshen myself up and continue to do my morning prayers to remind how privileged, lucky and thankful I should be to Allah for letting me be chosen for this program. By the time it's 7:30 am I helped Adrian's mum with the chores, ate breakfast and prepared myself for the day.

“Kabir! Its time to go now!”, called Adrian. I hurried myself down the stairs, chucked my bag in the boot and hopped into the four-wheel-drive.

After 10 mins of moderate driving, I reached my school, Monarch Prep. It was huge! There was a fountain in at the entrance of the school gates, two main colossal buildings – one for Tech studies and the other for general subjects, behind the two major building was 'the' school oval - including the Agriculture farm - about the size of my old school in Afghanistan and a gymnasium on the right hand side of the oval.

Adrian continued to guide me throughout the while school when the bell rang and he dropped me off at my classroom. The bell rung and I could feel my palms feeling damp, beads of sweating forming across my forehead and my mouth being dry. Period one started and I stood in front of the classroom as the teacher expected me to. “Please take your seats boys. I would like to introduce to a new student from Afghanistan,” As soon as he said that I tried to look somewhere else but then, “His name is Kabir and I will like you all to treat him kindly.” Yes it was intimidating having to have 30 pairs of eyes looking at you but I noticed that there was warmth – not hostility – in those eyes. A sense of optimism emerged from me which increased as a generous boy, who's name I found out later was Samuel, offered me a seat next to me.

The day went on without any troubles and then recess approached quite quickly. I sat with Adrian's friends and felt quite comfortable talking to them, it was like the didn't care about my origin at all. It was as though it was a familiar concept for them. Recess was soon over and I rushed to my next room to find that I was in for double maths, my favourite subject!

I was once again formally introduced to another group of 25-30 boys. After 2 hours of grilling maths equations, it was time to go to home – since it was the first day, lunch and periods 5 and 6 got cancelled.

I met Adrian at the front entrance of the school after the bell and he showed me the way home. I’m supposed to walk back by myself because his classes end an hour early. I hope I don’t get lost. But I’m feeling not too bad at the moment, so I think it’ll be alright.

I’m beginning to feel more assured and at ease. I can get used to this.

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