Calculus 1

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Find f' if x power 7 + y power 7 = 8xy

  • Calculus 1 -

    x^7 + y^7 = 8xy

    7x^6 dx+7y^6 dy=8y dx + 8x dy


    solve for dy/dx

  • Calculus 1 -

    x^7 + y^7 = 8xy
    7x^6 + 7y^6 y' = 8y + 8x y'
    8x y' - 7y^6 y' = 7x^6 - 8y
    y'(8x - 7y^6) = 7x^6 - 8y
    y' = (7x^6 - 8y)/(8x - 7y^6)

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