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What are some problems with the following research study and how can I improve them?

A researcher is interested in testing whether violent films make people more
aggressive (the hypothesis). He asks his research assistants to wait outside the
Friday night showing of Die Cheerleader Die! and ask for volunteers to fill out
a questionnaire. Willing participants complete a scale of aggressive feelings,
including questions such as, “ How aggressive do you feel right now?” and “ If someone challenged you to a fistfight, how likely would you be to accept the challenge?” After compiling the scores of 100 volunteers, the researcher finds that, on average, respondents scored very high on the scale. He concludes that violent films do, in fact, make people more aggressive, and when they don’ t, it still doesn’ t invalidate this hypothesis because people are just in denial about their aggressive urges. He immediately calls a press conference to announce his findings and to say that he’ll be talking about them on the Oprah show.


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    First, the volunteers are self-selecting. Did those who volunteered experience more aggression than those who didn't volunteer?

    Are people who are prone to aggression more likely to attend such a film?

    How can you measure how they felt before seeing the film?

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    Also, where is the control group?

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