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+ --> a sphere --> (+)

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Multiple Choice Help:

** When s conducting sphere is charged positively, initially the charge is deposited on the left side. However, due to the sphere's conducting nature, the charge spreads uniformly throughout the surface of the sphere. Charge is uniformly distributed because: **

A. charged atoms at the location of the charge distribute throughout the surface

B. excess protons move at the location of the charge to rest

C. excess electrons within the sphere move toward excess protons

D. excess charge within the sphere moves out into the ground from the surface by grounding to reduce charge buildup


Here is what I got from the question: The sphere must be made of a conducting material, such as a metal. The question must be asking how a conductor works. The pictorial diagram would be:
+ --> a sphere *shown as ()* --> (+)

I do not know what the answer is; however, I think that since a conductor is contains free charged particles to carry the electrical charge across it, C and D must not be the answers to the question.

Overall, I think that A may be the best answer.

PLEASE correct me. Please let me know why the answer is what it is, especially if A is not the answer.

All help is appreciated. =)

  • + --> a sphere --> (+) -

    drive mean spuare charge radius uniformly charged sphere r^2 = R^2

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