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Electrical versus Gravitational Forces (Physics)

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Multiple Choice help:

* _____ forces between charges are enormous in comparison to ______ forces. *

A. electrical, gravitational (possible?)
B. gravitational, electrical (possible?)
C. positive, negative (wrong, I think)
D. negative, positive (wrong, I think)

According to the review sheet, even a small charge of 10 x 10^-9 (or .0000000001) can result in large forces.

Please explain what that statement would mean for the multiple choice review. I think that the answer should be A according to the statement from the review sheet. Additionally, I think that both C and D can be ruled out as wrong.

  • Electrical versus Gravitational Forces (Physics) -

    It is a bad question, as what if the charges were 2 electrons each, and the masses involved were very enornous, such as in two dwarf stars.

    But ignoring that, electrical forces are in general much larger than gravitational forces. And, after all, Einstein raised the question that gravitational forces may not exist at all, they are the figment of our perception of space and time warping.

    Go with answer A, in general, it is truer.

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