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Multicultural Psychology?

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The question is: Do populations such as women, gays, lesbians, the elderly, and those with disabilities constitute a distinct group? Why or why not?

The following is my answer. Can someone help by adding more to this answer?

These populations are all are distinct groups. A woman who is gay or a lesbian and elderly still has separate emotional and social stigmas to endure than a young lesbian female. An older woman may be a member of AARP or on social security which is membership in another group than a 25 yrs old female lesbian who may be in the work place. The disabled need services and support from an entirely different group. They may all belong to the same group as a minority member of the whole of a population, but they are still distinctive in their own social or socio-economic group.

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    What does distinct mean? Do women share some of the same needs, attitudes, desires as older men? Do handicapped folks share some of the same needs as other people?

    I am not so certain racial minorities are distinct in their needs, desires, and goals.

    So, define distinct.

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