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A large community hospital, River Valley, has recently begun to acquire physician practices. At issue is whether to rename each acquired practice “River Valley Associates” or to leave each name alone.

1. What are the trade-offs River Valley should consider in this decision?

A pharmaceutical company is trying to determine what pricing it will use for a nonproprietary drug.

2. Explain the pricing strategy the company could use if the objective was: (a) profitability, (b) sales volume, (c) market share.

Explain both a forward and backward vertical integration option for the following providers:

3. A major academic medical center such as the University of Iowa.

4. A five-person general surgery group.

5. A manufacturer of durable medical equipment.

In recognition of the post-purchase role of promotion, what strategies would you recommend for:

6. A busy hospital emergency room.

7. An executive fitness program that provides health screening and fitness evaluation.

8. An occupational medicine program that contracts its services to companies

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    What kind of HELP do you need? You need to be specific when asking questions here.

    If all you do is post your entire assignment, with no evidence of thinking on your part, nothing will happen since no one here will do your work for you. But if you are specific about what you don't understand about the assignment or exactly what help you need, someone might be able to assist you.

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    7. Explain the vertical integration options and directions for the following providers: (a) a major academic medical center such as the University of Iowa, (b) a five-person general surgery group, and (c) a manufacturer of durable medical equipment

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