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I already did my part and got two other peoples opinions. Could you just give me one more opinion on this matter?

Answer the following questions based on your knowledge of civil law and the above scenario. The answer for each question should be at least one well-developed paragraph.

How does the right to file a lawsuit protect people?
How might this right be abused?
There is now a great controversy over the amount of monetary awards that are granted
to plaintiffs in malpractice lawsuits brought against doctors and other medical personnel
by patients. For instance, James Nelson dies of cancer and his widow feels that he did
not receive proper medical treatment. If he had, he would have survived. She files a lawsuit against the hospital and doctors. The jury awards her $40,000,000 in damages.
Do you feel such awards are excessive? Why or why not?
Should there be a limit on the amount that can be awarded for medical malpractice suits? Why or why not?
Be sure to provide logical reasons that support your opinion.

After answering question three, ask three adults the same questions and record their
answers. Then write a summary of the reasons they give to support their opinions and
explain whether or not you agree with their arguments.

I just need one more persons opinions because I wrote my opinion and two others.
Thank you in advance.

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