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Like obtaining the sum of squares in an area in Excel


I would like an algorithm/module that will give me the sum of cubes.

Can anyone help me?

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    Try some of the following links:



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    Someone sent this hint to me: It will work exactly as the excel function "sumsq()" on a continuous area and on a series of areas and with any power.
    1)Say you have the A1 to H1 area below:
    10 3 7 16 5 5 2 4
    to obtain the sum of cubs write the following in a cell
    =SUM(A2:H2^3) and then instead of pressing enter press CTRL + Shift + Enter. You should get 5788
    2) If you want sums of powered areas within this area, say of B1:C1 and E1:H1 write
    then insert ^3 (or any powers)
    =sum(B2:C2^3,E2:H2^3) and press CTRL+Shift+Enter. You should get 692

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