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I'm supposed to find the mass of NaCl in 1 L & the mass of H20 in 1 L.
I'm given NaCl solution.
1% by mass.
The Density is 1.071 g/mL.
I know the answer for NaCl is 10.71 g, but I don't know where to start to get to this. Could you lead me in the right direction?

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    1% NaCl (w/w) means 1 g NaCl/100 g solution. Since the solution has a density of 1.071 g/mL, the 100 g solution must have a volume of v = m/d = 100/1.071 = 93.37 mL so we actually have 1g NaCl in 93.37 mL. We want to know how much is in 1 L.
    1 g NaCl x (1000 mL/93.37 mL) = 10.71 g NaCl/L. Now for the water. If 1 L (and the mass is??) of the solution consists of 10.71 g NaCl and the remainder is water, how much is water? .

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    would it be 89.28 g?

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    No. 1 L doesn't weigh 1000 g does it? What is the mass of 1 L? Isn't it mass = volume x density?

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    would you multiply the 93.37 and the 1.071 then? is 100g correct?

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