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A 65kg trampoline artist jumps vertically upward from the top of a platform with a speed of 5.0m/s. a) How fast is he going as he lands on the trampoline, 3.0m below. b) if the trampoline behaves like a spring with a spring stiffness constant 6.2*10^4N/m, how far does he depress it?

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    a) When hitting the trampoline H=3.0 m below, the kinetic energy will have increased
    from (1/2)MVo^2 to
    (1/2)MV1^2 =
    (1/2)MVo^2 + MgH

    Solve for V1
    V1^2 = Vo^2 + 2gH

    b) (1/2)MV1^2 = (1/2)kX^2
    Solve for X, the trampoline displacement.

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