Physics-Please check-I had something wrong with my

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Would changing the frequency of a wave cause a change in amplitude? I would say only if the wave velocity remains the same because if the frequency increases, vibrations increase and then amplitude would decrease, correct?

If I had a wave diagram will 4 complete waves showing and it said the diagram represented 4 sec in time the frequency would be 1cycle/ per second, correct? The period of the wave then would be the inverse which would be 1 second/cyle, correct?
If I'm wrong please just redirect me-thank you

  • Physics-Please check-I had something wrong with my -

    Wave speed and frequency are independent of amplitude. The frequency is usually determined by a vibrating object that drives the waves. The wave amplitude is determined by how much that object moves or vibrateas, and how far away it is.

    Your secnd answer is correct

  • Physics-Please check-I had something wrong with my -

    Thank you very much

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