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A special electronic sensor is embedded in the seat of a car that takes riders around a circular loop-the-loop at an amusement park. The sensor measures the magnitude of the normal force that the seat exerts on a rider. The loop-the-loop ride is in the vertical plane and its radius is 16 m. Sitting on the seat before the ride starts, a rider is level and stationary, and the electronic sensor reads 960 N. At the top of the loop, the rider is upside-down and moving, and the sensor reads 360 N. What is the speed of the rider at the top of the loop?

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    The difference between the weight of 960 N and 360 N is V^2/R, the centripetal acceleration.

    600 = V^2/R

    Solve for for V.

    You have posted a lot of probloems here. I will only help that show some work of your own. I can't speak for other teachers.

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