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Can you please check these sentences I'm unsure of? Thank you very much

1)Nature was given great importance. (not "a" great importance)
2) He calls his students little pitchers to be filled with facts.
3) Its inhabitants were affected (or the health of its inhabitants was affected) by pollution.
4)Women were in charge of educating the children.
5) The husband held the authority (represented the authority).
6) These moral values applied more particularly to the middle class (they concerned the middle class).
7) They fought against a corrupt (or corrupted?) society.
8) The mission of civilization (or: bringing civilization to the natives) was a failure

  • English -

    1 & 2 - OK

    3 - Either phrasing works.

    4 - OK

    5 - The husband held the authority in the family.

    6 & 7 - delete wording in parentheses

    8 - The mission of bringing civilization to the natives was a failure.

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