posted by sam

i am just abt to finish my 10th grade,i am very weak at maths and science,hence i have opted to take economics.

1.is this the right choice?
2.is there goin to be maths in it?
3.what are the core subjects involved?

  1. PsyDAG

    It would be best to ask these questions of your high school counselor/advisor, who is more likely to have background data on you and information about that major.

    In this face-to-face situation, it is easier for that person to ask specific questions to help clarify your alternatives.

    However, there definitely is math in economics.

  2. Molebogeng

    Yes, is the right choice,it does not hv maths,acounting,business studies and economics too

  3. Anonymous

    I believe it is because economics has really nothing to do with math or science

  4. Jessica

    Economics involves many graphs and tables and determining supply and demand based upon these. If you are not strong in math you may be better off to seek another course that does not involve math (or science since you stated that is also not a strong area). An example may be a social studies course or psychology.

  5. Lerato gwamanda

    No don't change your subjects everything will be fine,you have to work hard and study hard to improve your marks and you'll have to practise maths.maths and science are so important!!!

  6. aku

    sorry,i don't know

  7. mike trout

    do your best

  8. alexio

    all you need to do is to work hard on it then see the out come if you don't pass then live the subject but if u do pass it continue with it nothing is hard u just have to work hard on it

  9. paulina

    how are hypotheses and theories related?

  10. stefan

    the glass stirring rob submerge the copper coil into the silver nitrate AgNO3

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