Spanish-8th grade-Totally confused

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Could someone please help me-I'm totally confused on this.

I have to say that the person has his/her/their own book or books in the following sentences

1.Yo tengo libro.
2.Ella tiene libros
3.Ellos tienen libro
4.Nosotros tenemos libro

For 1, would I put mi
2. sus
3. don't know
4. sus

Thank you ahead for any help you can give

  • Spanish-8th grade-Sra JMcGin I'm Totally confused -

    Please help-I'm really confused
    Thank you

  • Spanish-8th grade-Totally confused -

    Number 3: subject: ellos, so you would have to use "su" or "sus."

    Since it is modifying "libro" (singular), it would be "su."

    (Though it is a strange sentence. I think it is saying they all have one book).

    4. With nosotros, use nuestro.
    Other 2 look good.

  • Spanish-8th grade-Totally confused -

    Matt explained it very well. If you still have questions, ask again .


  • Spanish-8th grade-Totally confused -

    P.S. This may not make a lot of sense to you but the "possessor" has nothing to do with the gender of the possessive adjective. It MUST have the same number (singular/plural) and gender (masculine/feminine) as the noun modified.

    Later this will become clearer, perhaps, when you get to another way to show possession = with the definite article.

    1. Es el libro de mí (preposition pronoun at the end)
    2. Son los libros de ella.
    3. Es el libro de ellos.
    4. Es el libro de nosotros.

    When you get to prepositional pronouns, I'll be happy to compare for you:
    1. subject pronouns
    2. possessive pronouns
    3. prepositional pronouns


  • Spanish-8th grade-Totally confused -

    You guys should have my spanish teacher. If you had her you wouldn't be confused at all. I LOVE SENORA PINSON.

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