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I really need you to check my corrections. Thank you very much.

1) The town is described through the use (using, are both possible?)of similes taken from the animal world.
2) The black smoke coming out of the chimneys is compared to (not: is seen as) a snake whereas the piston of the steam engine to the head of an elephant in a state of melancholy madness.
3)Dickens describes Coketown as having the painted face of a savage because of the red of its brick and the black of its soot.
4) Its inhabitans lead the same monotonous life and do the same work.
5) He is described as an unattractive man, always carrying with him a rule and a pair of scales. He embodies the utilitarist philosophy.
6) Sissy isn't influenced by the school education (educational method) yet.Bitzer' personality has been deleted (???) by Mr Gradgrind.
7) His surname (Gradgrind) is the union of grade, which is a standard level of a product and grind, which means to crush into powder (better: crushing into powder).
8) Women who stood apat from family, for example, because they had had a baby before their wedding were segregated and ostricized, being calle "fallen women"". (Correction: Single women with a child were ostracized ad emarginated as fallen women).

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    6. Bitzer' personality? = Bitzer's

    8. apart, not apat


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