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Write and solve the number sentences she could use.

Ms. Cloudcover, the TV weatherperson, noted that Sunday’s temperature was 12, much warmer than the -7 on Friday and the -2 on Saturday. She remembered that Thursday’s temperature was 0 and checked to see how far Saturday’s temperature had fallen from Thursday’s temperature. She made a
note to report the average temperature for the 3-day weekend
and the temperature change from Friday to Saturday and from
Saturday to Sunday. Then she began work on a report about
how the high temperatures for each day of the past week had been over or under the normal high temperature for that day.
She wrote,
Sun: -8
Mon: -5
Tues: -2
Wed: 6
Thurs: 3
Fri: -4
Sat: 9
She wondered whether the net effect of the week was more or less than normal. Before she left for the day, she noted that today’s low temperature was and figured the difference between it and the record low of for today’s date

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