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addition method:3x-5y=-2 and 5y-2x=-2
how would I solve it since they are not together?

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    These simultaneous equations can be solved most of the time by either substitution or by elimination. We will try elimination here, since I see 5y in both equations.

    Rearrange to line up x and y in columns
    Add the two equations:
    3x-2x -5y+5y = -2 -2
    simplify to get
    x = -4 ... (3)

    Substitute (3) into (1) to get
    -5y = -2 + 12
    -5y = 10
    y = 10 / (-5) = -2 ..(4)

    (3) and (4) give the final answer, but we still have one more step to do: check!

    Substitute (3) and (4) into (1) and (2) to get
    =-2 from (1) OK

    =-2 from (2) OK

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