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Write the integer that is represented by a point midway between -76 and 76 on the number line.

Choose a nonzero integer for n to show that –n can be evaluated as a positive number.

Scoring in Golf. A golfer played 8 rounds on a tournament course with the following scores (par is the expected score for a round; negative numbers represent the number of strokes under par for the round,
and positive numbers represent the number of strokes over par for the round): +5, -2, +3, -1, -3, +6, +2, -7.
The golfer played 2 more rounds, ending with an even par total for the 10 rounds. Her score for the last round was 7 more than her score on the next-to-last round. What scores did the golfer have on the last two rounds?

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    Sum of first 8 rounds: +3.

    sum of first 10 rounds: 0
    so sum of last two is +3, or 3=7+n so n has to be -4

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