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3 part question:

A 52-kg girl weighs herself by standing on a scale in an elevator. What does the scale read when:

a.)the elevator is accelerating downward at 2.5 m/s2?

b.)the elevator is accelerating upward at 2.5 m/s2?

c.)the elevator is ascending at 10 m/s but its speed is decreasing by 6 m/s in each second?

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    I assume the scale reads in kg.

    a) [(g-2.5)/g] x 52 = 38.7 kg
    b) [(g + 2.5)]/g x 52 =
    c) [(g -6)/g] x 52 =
    The speed does not matter but the accleration does. 6 m/s^2 is the deceleration rate.

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    Thanks for your help but the answers were wrong some how. On my homework it says to answer in Newtons. I know F=ma but w/ these stipulations i don't know how to solve it

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    I've never seen a weight scale that reads in Newtons. If you want Newtons, multiply my previous answers by 9.8 m/s^2 (same as 9.8 N/kg)

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