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you are painting a room that is 16 ft long and 14 ft wide and 8ft high. the room has to identical windows and doors. 1 door leads to a closet that is 4 feet long and 4ft wide and 8ft high. you do not plan to paint the closet or windows. the windows are 3ft by 5ft. answer these 3 questions.

A) the paint you choose is avaliable in 1 gallon cans and covers 400 sqft 1 quart cans cover a 100 sqft. you are paiting each wall 2 coats. not including the doors or windows how much paint should you buy?
B) a 1 gallon can costs $13.90 and a quart cost $8.90 how much willit cost to paint 2 coats each wall?
C) you budgeted $40.00 for paint can you afford to paint the inside wall of the closet excluding the door one coat of paint?

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    You didn't give the dimensions of the doors?

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    what i wrote above of 4 feet long and 4ft wide and 8ft high is all the qustion says and both doors are identical

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    You've given the likely dimensions of the closet. A door doesn't have 3 dimensions.

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    not sure what to do there are no dimensions for the door in the question

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    OK. Assume each door is 4 by 8 feet.

    How many square feet are you going to paint in this room?

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    i have it would take 2 gallon and 1 quart is that correct?

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    It will take 2 gallons and 1 quart to paint the walls with one coat. However, the problem states that you plan to put on two coats.

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