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Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check. Thank you very much.

1)If you are in the mountains, keep far (move away, stay away are possible?) from rocks and trees.
I have always had backaches from not doing any sport (sports)/from not doing sport.
Can “sport” be used in the plural form?
2)Do/practice/play sport, sports activities. Are they all possible?
Is it a problem for you if I borrow your shoes? Yes, it is.
Is it all right/OK with you if …..?
3)You should take a teaspoonful of cough syrup before bedtime.
I can shout to ask for help/I can shout for help.
May I borrow your high heeled shoes? (Give permission) Yes, you can (may?)
4) Do you mind if I stay out late? (Give permission): No, I don’t./ No, not at all. (Refuse permission) Yes, I do./I’d rather you didn’t.
5) I went on holiday to Greece OR I went to Greece for my holiday(holidays also possible?)
If you are in a building/inside a building/indoors, stay in a doorway since this is where the wall is the strongest.
6) Hamlet doubts whether or not to kill Claudius.
The ghost tells Hamlet that he has been murdered by his brother.
7) You were asked to list the features of the revenge tragedy and then explain why Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a revenge tragedy.

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    Please reread everything and post only the few that you have true questions about.

    For example, I've already corrected this one at least once, but the corrections aren't showing up:
    I have always had backaches from not doing any sport (sports)/from not doing sport.

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