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1. A sports car travelling east at 48.0 m/s passes a trooper hiding at the roadside. The driver uniformly reduces his speed to 22 m/s in 4.10 s

a) Find the magnitude and direction of the car’s acceleration as it slows down
b) Calculate the distance traveled during the 4.10 s time interval

  • fizik -

    (a) a = [(22 - 48)m/s]/4.1s
    = -6.3 m/s^2

    (b) X = Vaverage*(4.1s) = 35 m/s*4.1s
    = 143.5 m

  • fizik -

    can i know how to get Vaverage?

  • fizik -

    Vav is the average of the initial and final velocities during deceleration.

    It equals (Vinitial + Vfinal)/2

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