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Tina's goal is to make 45 percent ofher shots during the basketball season. After nineteen games she has made 38 percent of her 203 shots. She has eight games left and estimates that she will shoot at about the same pace as during the first nineteen games. What percent of he rshots must she make during the rest of the season to reach her goal of 45 percent?

  • algebra -

    19 games, made 0.38 of 203 shots
    0.38 * 203 = 77.14 shots made

    203 shots/19 games = 10.68 shots/game
    10.68 shots * 8 games left = 85.44 possible shots

    203 shots made + 85 shots yet to make = 288 shots
    288 * 0.45 = 129.6 = 130 shots need to make ttl

    130 ttl shots needed - 77 shots made in first 19 games = 53 need to make in the 8 games left

    53 need to make/85 possible shots = 0.6235 * 100 = 62.35% must make to reach goal of 45%

    77 + 53 = 130 made
    203 + 85 shots = 288
    130/288 = 0.4513 * 100 = 45.13%

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