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How do I solve this question?
"Rory Gilmore earns $20 per hour during the week and $30 per hour for overtime on the weekends. One week Rory earned a total of $650. She worked 5 times as many hours during the week as she did on the weekend. Write and solve an equation or system of equations to determine how many hours of overtime Rory worked on the weekend."

So far I got 20X+30Y=650. I know that X=25 and Y=5 but I cant show my work to show how I got that answer. Anyone know how I can solve this algebraically to get my answer?

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    x = Overtime hrs
    30x = Overtime wages
    5x = Regular hrs
    20(5x) = Regular wages

    30x + 20(5x) = 650
    30x + 100x = 650
    130x = 650
    x = 5 overtime hours

    30 * 5 = $150 OT pay
    20 * 25 = $500 Reg pay
    Total 30 hrs = $650

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